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We are a manufacturing company that specilises in outdoor and indoor furniture, and have recently started a garden accessories range. All our products are unique, durable, of high quality and are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

All the chairs are epoxy-coated steel using either round or square tubing depending on the style. Different colours are available for the frames; the basic colours are black, white, green and silver. The slats are also manufactured in our factory and are available in many different colours. The basic colours are black, green, red, white, grey, yellow, beige and blue. Any colour can be ordered depending on the quantity. Chairs come in standard chair, counter chair (65mm) or bar chair (75mm) hieghts.

All table legs are epoxy-coated steel using square tubing and have leveling glides at the base of the feet, so uneven ground is never a problem. The tops can be metal slats, mosaic, wood, isotop or glass. With mosaic tops the colour of the tiles can be chosen to suit your dècor. Mosaic patterns are hand packed using high quality adhesive and grout which is weather proof. Tiles range from basic ceramic, opal, glass, crystal glass, travertine, stainless steel and marble. Isotop tops come in standard sizes and colours depending availability.These tops are burn and scratch proof. Plate glass tops are available in various thicknesses depending on the size of the table.